California I-Phone Photos

H1!  We are on our next and final adventure of the summer.  We have arrived in Massachusetts where we will spend a week and a half visiting our family.  Love Family, but I don't know where I thought in my right mind it was a good idea to drive with grandpa who has Alzheimer's and 4 children.  89% of the trip was OK, but at the end of the day, the kids tended to lose it.  I wish I had the money to have broken up the trip into shorter drives.  Didn't help that we had a lot of traffic going up which turned a 16-hour drive to a 22-hour drive.  I guess the line of thought was that I didn't have the money to fly us up and rent a car, so driving was going to have to do and some of my family members are sick with cancer, so it might be the last time I see them.  What you do for love!  Here are the last of our California pictures.  See you back here soon!

California has to have some of the prettiest sunsets in the world.

Welcome to Hollywood Baby!
My friend Jessica and I enjoying the afternoon with the kids at Newport Beach!

3 sisters in Yosemite Park
So many amazing murals in San Francisco

Vintage California on the 495 heading south

Artichoke, Spinach, and Chicken Pizza


Oh I love all these photographs you've been posting on your road trip. I can see you've been having an amazing summer. What a road trip. 22 hours! I hope you're praising yourself and now having time to rest and enjoy seeing family and having some really special time together.

I want to go to Santa Cruz now! I'd love to ride those chairs looking down onto the boardwalk (what a pity its no long board and now concrete). My kids would love all the rides (me, not so much), and of cousre the beach, which they would love too.

Yosemite is on our list of places, along with 100s of others. So much to see and do in this country alone!

I'm going to get that books '100 Places ….". Sounds like a great read.

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