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It's been a while!

Hi!  Man the last couple of weeks have been crazy!  As a photographer right now is my busiest time!  It is without fail that even with major advertising in the fall, everyone waits till weeks before Christmas to get their family portraits done!  I have a couple more sessions and I am finished for the year!  We have also been busy completing all our medical appointment for the year such as dentist, physicals, and then added appointments of Corona Shots for the kids.  If you don't believe in the shots for kids, please keep your opinions to yourself.  I am choosing to get my children vaccinated not so much for themselves, but because we have many elderly people in our lives and I would hate for my children to get someone sick.  Knock on wood, none of us have a Corona!  Though, I just got a message from my son that the boy he rides to school with is sick.  So, I need to go get him tested.  Anyways,  Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  We stayed home this year and it was just our family.

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