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Portugal Food Guide

Hello!  Hope you are doing well!  We are doing great!  We arrived in Florida on Saturday afternoon and have really just taken the time to slow down and compress.  I am so grateful that the children are at the stage now where they too do not need to be entertained 24/7 and that we don't have to run from one activity to the next.  Their best friends are arriving in an hour and the girls are so excited to spend the rest of the week with them here at the resort.   Anyway, let's move on as I promised you a food guide.  This isn't meant to be a comprehensive food guide, but just a list of where we ate and how what we thought of the food in Portugal.  Let me first start off with that the food in Portugal is amazing.  Yum!  Second, I love that it didn't really matter what city we were in, but we were able to find a wide range of food selections.  You are definitely are not forced to eat just Portuguese food, but if you did find yourself in a small town with a limited selection

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