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Hello!  We have now been in Germany for two weeks now and have been going at full speed since we arrived.  Today, we are taking a little break and it feels good to just hang out in our apartment and relax.  You know you need a break when even the children are excited to just stay home.  Tonight is the start of Euro 2020 Soccer or now Euro 2021 which will be uniques because instead of one host country the games will be played all throughout Europe.  Last Saturday, we spent the day visiting a friend of mine Lorraine, who I grew up with in Alaska and is now living here in Europe because her husband is working for the core of Army Engineers.  It was so good to see my friend and meet her family as I had not seen her in 31 years.  Just say that is so crazy!  31 years!  I was actually best friends with her sister Amy who sadly died 2 years ago in a horrific car crash.  Seeing Lorraine in many ways was very healing.  Wiesbaden is also a great city to visit!  It is the capital of the state of H

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