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Where We Stayed

This post will conclude our travel series to Germany and Istanbul.  One of the things people ask me when they hear that I am traveling somewhere is how we can afford to go to so many places.  One trick is to make sure you are taking advantage of reward points whether it be with airlines or hotels.  We are partnered with Marriott which has a generous reward program, so I was able to cash in our points for our stay in Istanbul. In Istanbul, we stayed in the Orientbank Hotel which is centrally located to all the attractions and is a lovely hotel.  The rooms are designed with a luxurious attention to detail.  The staff is wonderful.  I couldn't say a bad thing about this hotel.  We stayed three nights. The hotel was built originally in the 1920s by a German financier and it was built as a bank.  It sat empty for many years and was eventually turned into a hotel.  Another cool feature of the hotel is their rooftop bar which gives a wonderful view of the city. If you are a fan of 007 mov

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