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Hi!  I am back!  I finally feel well enough to write and I have enough mobility in my shoulder that I can type with both hands.  Who would have thought breaking one's shoulder could be so painful?  I am still pretty limited in what I can do and that is pretty frustrating as I hate not having the freedom to come and go as I please or do a simple task like take a bath or dress myself.   The good news is recovery is just a few weeks away.  Can you believe Christmas is just two weeks away? Thankfully, my Christmas shopping is done and the Christmas cards go out in the mail tomorrow. Also, tomorrow, I am heading to a Christmas ornament exchange party.  I  am looking forward to getting out of the house.  I am starting to get cabin fever. Oh, I just remembered that the girls Christmas performance at the German School annual Christmas Party is this weekend which means we need to practice their songs.

Ok, so this post has been two weeks in the making.  Birmingham just two hours west of Atl…

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