Jelly Belly Factory Tour

I think a part of making a trip with children successful is to add elements that would be fun for them and while seeing the Golden Gate Bridge or walking on Fisherman's wharf might be interesting to a child after sight or two they lose interest.  We wanted to stay in San Francisco until the 4th, so that gave us an extra day to play with and we headed out to the city of Fairfield to take a tour of the Jelly Belly factory.  What is a Jelly Belly?  It is a jelly bean, but in my opinion, they are the best jelly beans. Currently, they make 50 flavors such as draft beer, vomit, watermelon, popcorn, cherry, blueberry, coconut, and so on.  My favorite flavor is watermelon, but I also like apple and tangerine. I am not a big jelly bean fan, but if you are going to eat jelly beans these are really pretty good.  The flavors really do taste like what they say they do.  The origins of the jelly bean are really kind of unknown but are believed to be related to the Turkish Delight and made poplar by their shape and link to the Easter holiday.  The children had fun seeing how the beans are made and packaged.  The had fun tasting some new flavors that they are coming out with such as pancakes.  The bean really does taste like pancakes.  Afterward, we went to dinner in Walnut Creek and then we did some laundry as we were in desperate need of clean clothes. The line inside was long, but the children had fun and that is all that counts.


NCSue said…
Looks like that would be a fun (but potentially fattening) tour!
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shayndel said…
I like the Mickey/Minnie in jelly beans!! Looks like a fun time. My daughter would have loved that when she was younger, maybe still now too.
We used to bring back JELLY BELLY jellybeans for souvenirs to Japan on our US visits, intrigued by all the colors and flavors... I don`t really eat candy, still they are like works of art to look at and imagine the taste!!Happy summer days and travels!♡
Francesca said…
oh, yes, I agree with your first sentence!

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