The Morris Clan Cookout

The theme of this trip is family.  We arrived in Massachusetts late Thursday night.  On Friday, the children and I spent the day at Hampton Beach which is in New Hampshire.  The weather has been gorgeous and while slightly hot one needs that to be able to endure the freezing temperatures of the water.  On Saturday, we drove to Lowell for a family BBQ or as they say here in the Northeast a Cookout.  The great thing about family is that it doesn't matter how long you have been apart it is like you have never been apart.  You don't even have to say anything if you don't want because their is so much love and history it transpires everything.  It was great seeing everyone.  A new generation  has been born and sadly the older generation has passed on,  I love my family!

 Eddy and Shawn

 Winston in an act of being a teenager refusing to go in the water

 A little something for everyone


 Avery and Roman both brave enough to go in the water

 Big Bad Bilboa Bob

 Katy and Bob

 My dad with Mike and Dannelle

 Rosemary and Jackie
 Maureen helping Avery with her icecream


 Addy with Amanda

Cousin love the next generation


Linda W. said…
Nice family photos. The kids look very happy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
Suburban Girl said…
Nice people pics! I didn't know cook-out was a local term! But I do know what a BBQ is too.

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