Despite the horrible traffic getting to Hollywood and the roadblocks from actually driving down Hollywood Blvd we still had a blast.   Our first stop was the Griffith Observatory and Planetarium. We didn't go inside though free and would have been really fun to see on the inside, the view from the top of the hill where it is located is spectacular.  Not only do you get a great view of the city, but you get a view of the Hollywood sign.  We opted not to drive closer as it would have meant to much time in the car for the little kids.  Capitol Records a total icon of Hollywood and to think of all the record deals made in that building and rock stars made.  Then on to Hollywood Blvd where we were able to find parking on a side street finally.  The street was closed down for a cultural parade.  The children didn't recognize many of the names, but it was fun to see their faces light up when they would discover that they knew the name on the star. The street is kind of a madhouse as the street was totally lined with tourists and street performers of every sort.  We finished our day at California Pizza chicken where I had a spinach, artichoke, and chicken pizza.  So heavenly!  


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