Plymouth "Part One"

Plymouth is an important piece of American history, and every child in America learns about it's history in school. I have countless photos of my children of when they were in Preschool and Kindergarten dressed as either Indians or Pilgrims. 102 came over and about half survived the first winter. I can't imagine how heart breaking it must have been to the those who survived to see their loved ones die.  They were in search of a better life and some never got to experience that possibility. We have been to Williamsburg, Virginia which celebrates and teaches of the history surrounding the American Revolution and Plymouth Plantation goes back even farther in history to the year 1620.  I have never been to Plymouth, so I was glad when the opportunity presented itself  that we would be able to visit.  When I told my friend Lucy that we were going, she said it wasn't that impressive and that is true if you are comparing it to Williamsburg.  It is much smaller, but if you take advantage of watching the couple of short films they offer it is well worth going.  One of my favorite parts is that the the workers dress in costumes of that time period and talk in the language that day.  Each worker is assigned to be a person of that time period and tell their history of how they came to American.  So fun!


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