Red, White, and Blue "Happy 4th of July"

We are in San Francisco today!  I am so excited to see the Fireworks over the bay.  I can barely stand it!  There is just something amazing about seeing fireworks over the water.  Anyway, right before we left I made the girls these fun fourth of July drinks since I knew we would not be home to celebrate.  The loved them.  Not as easy as one thinks or Pinterest makes them out to be, but the effect is fun.  If you don't care what color comes first then I suggest making the recipe using Diet Sprite as it is easier to find.  What you need is three drinks ranging in various sugar content.  The red was cranapple, the white was Sobe Pinacolada and the blue was Gatorade zero.  I found the Sobe hard to find.  Begin by pouring the red 1/3  the way up the bottle and add some ice.  I found that if you freeze in between each color it makes it easier to then add the next color.  Also, if you want to add a straw to the glass then do this before freezing as I learned the hard way adding a straw later will then mix the colors up. Then add your white and freeze and then add your blue.  If you use a sprite, you will still have the three colors of red, white and blue just not in that order.  Happy 4th!


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