Post Cards From Elba, Italy

Elba is located 45 minutes by ferry off the coast of Italy near Corsica. Elba is where Napoleon was captured, and held for 10 months. He lived in the pink building. The island is very green like Hawaii on the north side and dessert like on the south. The beaches also vary from side to side too. You have your typical tan sand beach that is flecked with grey, black, and white to your black sand beach to your rock beach. Italiens are the predominate tourist, so it is a little hard to find people who speak English. However, some of the people do speak German. It was fabulous! We spent a week with our friend Simona and her family. I can't say we saw much of the island but we sure did relax. The weather was perfect. Though hot we didn't really notice it due to the constant breeze. The good thing was that it cooled down every night allowing us to sleep like babies.


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