Do I need to say anything else? I think the pictures speak for themselves. Mykonos was my favorite of all the places we went to. After spending the morning in Santorini, Frank was exhausted and opted to stay on the ship with Roman. I only had a couple of hours and loved every minute of it. I need to go back because it really and truly was a feast for my eyes. I wish Frank could have been there with me. Unlike Santorini, Mykonos is much easier to navigate even with a stroller. It is everything you have seen of Greece in movies and much more. If you ever come here you can expect delish food. The restaurants display their fish like proud papas, but if seafood is not your thing they also are specialist on lamb and have a very similar cuisine as their neighbors Italy. I had a crepe filled with Nutella to die for it was so yummy. It was really hard to choose because the smell of cinnamon sugar and lemon was very tempting.


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