Dubrovnik, Croatia

This was our final stop of the cruise. You would not even know except for bullet holes in the wall that this city was just in a major war. However, from my understanding, they have had a lot of help rebuilding the city. This is a city where you might want to take an excursion in order to obtain a much deeper knowledge of the city. Dubrovnik (Isthmus of Dubrovnik) is a very old city and was a rival to Venice with shipping. There are two parts to the city the old and the new. The old city is completely surrounded by a giant wall. Inside you will find old churches, a historical museum, and many stores and restaurants. The cost to walk along the wall is 8 euros and you can buy an audio tour for an additional price. So that is just what Frank did. He loves to go to the top of any building in every city. There were too many stairs to carry the baby up, so I stayed at the bottom and people watched while Roman took a nap. A little more than an hour later Frank came down as happy as can be and we all enjoyed an ice cream or two. I am going to have to hit the gym when I get back home.


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