Klassenphoto from Kindergarten

The school year has come to an end here in Switzerland and for the next 6 weeks is the summer vacation. Here is a picture of Winston's kindergarten class. Frau Kuste was his teacher.
I wanted to get a picture of Harris class, but the classes are in two different locations and I couldn't be at both places at the same time. Frau Aepli was his teacher for the 3rd grade. Here is a picture though of Harris with his best friend here Kahil. See how they are trying to be third grade COOL.


Em said…
Wow, Greece! That sounds amazing. How long have you been in Switzerland? How long will you be in Switzerland? It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. What a wonderful opportunity we have to be here.
Company EIGHT said…
I just can't get past the fact that Winston is in kindergarten!

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