This morning we awoke just in time to catch some breakfast and watch the ship pull into the harbor of Venice. It was amazing! I have now been to this city three times and my breath is always taken away. It is such a beautiful city. I would say it is the crown jewel of Europe. There are many beautiful cities in Europe, but I do not believe any compare to Venice. We are now home after a 7-hour drive home. I will post more in the next couple days of our trip. I took over 200 photos, so I think I will just post the very best ones. It was really incredible and kind of hard to come home. While we had such an amazing week, I am also a little sad upon discovering that one of the heart babies mentioned in a previous post "Eden" passed away this week. We also received bad news that my sons best friend Mason's cancer has returned and will need a bone marrow transplant. So if you could keep him and his family in your prayers, I am sure they would appreciate it.


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