The Acropolis

This was my second time to Athens and to the Acropolis. It is more than impressive. I wish that I had photos of my first trip there to post, but they are back home in the U.S. In the 18 years since I have been here they have done a ton of restorations. We took the Metro which is very clean and easy to navigate. It only cost us a 1.60 Euros to get there which beats the price of the excursion or a taxi. We found the Greek people to be very friendly, helpful, and I would say a good majority of them spoke English. Some things don't change and that is the orange juice. When I was there with my mom for the first time we got ourselves fresh squeezed orange juice after we came down from the site and I did the same this time. It is the best orange juice in the world. Delish! One thing I would suggest though is to go in the offseason of April or even October because the mixture of the heat and crowds were just too much. This is also a place you do not want to bring a baby because they do not allow strollers and the heat is really unbearable. We ended up taking turns going to the site. Kind of sad because we would have like to look at it together.


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