2 days and counting

I can't wait just 2 days until we go on our cruise to Greece. Yahoo!! Have I packed? No! I better get to it. It will be just me and my man plus a little man. The 2 others are going to their Omas in Germany. Thank you for the break!!! I need it! I  will back on the 14th with all the details. Greece here we come.


Chanté said…
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Canned Salmon said…
I don't think I have the traveling bug much but if I was going to Greece that might change. The photo of Greece makes it look awesome and you are sure to have a great time.
Nursequinn said…
Tell Harris I found his Pokemon Fiery Red Game.
Jamie said…
Greece is on my MUST list- I am SOOOOO jealous! And a cruise, too! Have a great time!

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