A room with a view or not?

Like Helena Bonham Carter in the movie A Room with a View, I have always wanted to open the shutters of my hotel room and look out onto the Duomo in Florence, Italy. No such luck not even for a hotel room that cost $250 a night. In fact, $250 a night does not even buy you a nice room. I thought by looking at the pictures on the internet and the three stars that our room was relatively nice. Wrong! I guess I should have done more research because our hotel was a flee bag hotel. I normally do not like to write stuff like this because it sounds like I am a pampered American. However, it should be a crime to charge this kind of money for a hotel room that reminded me of even the worst college dorm. The carpet was dirty and some of the tiles in the bathroom were broken. The furniture was cheap furniture at least 30 years old. The hotel did not have any charm or warmth to it. I have stayed in some nice hotels in Europe for much less. OK, so we got breakfast but the eating area was like a student cafeteria. The food was adequate, but I did not go back for seconds and barely finished the first. The only reason I ate it was because I knew there wasn't going to be any snack or lunch for a while. So, my advise when booking a hotel if it really matters is do your research first, and if you are going to a popular tourist destination in their peak season then book several months in advance. In Europe, you will have a hard time during the summer finding a hotel if you don't do so in advance the supply is low and demand is high.


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