Never a dull moment in the city

OK, first this isn't really for anyone else. However, you are welcome to read. Just don't judge me because this is also my journal and my experience. I want to remember not just the big trips we took, but every day life here. I suppose it could be life anywhere for a matter of fact. So here goes. Last night we came back from a walk into the city center. Also good for getting some energy out of my children. I shucked out the dough for McDonald's which cost a pretty penny only because we have no A/C here and no fan. The buildings here are made of stone, so by the end of the day it can gets pretty warm. OK, I am no scientist, so if that is the wrong reason I do not want to hear about it, it is just my theory. Anyway, I was not about to turn the oven on. I totally regret that I ate Micky Dees because after I walked out of the building and walked around the corner I discovered that there was a festival and there were all kinds of yummy food vendors. What I would have really have liked to eat was some of the Chinese food. I have been craving it since we left America. You should have seen the spring rolls they were double the size of the ones we get at home and they were stuffed full of yummy veggies. I wanted to get one but since I ate and my pants are getting a little tight I thought I best not. I wish I had my camera to take a picture of them because they were really kind of beautiful. The mixture of the tan wrapper with the green, white and orange insides. Oh well! Then was jazz music playing in the street. The poster advertised New Orleans meets St. Gallen with a African American guy playing the trumpet. Really it was just the music of New Orleans because there weren't any African Americans in sight. The children and I had fun marching behind the band with my umbrella in the air. We giggled all the way with all the others. So, when we got home I discovered that there is a leak in the sink. We had a problem with the faucet just the week before and it took a couple days to get fixed. However, now the leak is more like Niagara Falls only I have no clue why. Kind of a problem when you only have about 5 forks and 6 spoons. Since I don't have a phone here, I wrote my husband an e-mail. Also, not so easy since the server has been acting up. He wrote the owner. I sat here all day and no show. To say the least I am not very happy. I know...I know this is a long one, but if you haven't given up yet, here is the really interesting part. So as I said, I am sitting here checking my e-mail when all of a sudden I hear a crash on the street in front of us. I look out and there is a women screaming at the people who are on the other side of her sitting on their balcony. She will not stop. Words are exchanged. The next thing I know is that she is sitting on the edge of her balcony which is on the third floor of her building. I don't really know what the people said to her because it was a little to fast for me. Then she jumps off and lands on the deck below. I thought she was going to punch the people out, but she didn't get up. I told you I have no phone. I was a little worried for her. This is where I am probably a little crazy, but I go out of our apartment and go to the Turkish pizza place down below, and asked them if they saw what happened and whether or not they think maybe the police should be called. The guy tells me he knows her because she comes into the place all the time and that she has some mental problems. I tell him I do not want to see what happens if she jumps off the railing again because she might not make it. He says he thinks the neighbors called the police. Sure enough about 5 minutes later they go into her building to talk with her. I guess she was OK, because after the policeman collected her laundry off the street-they left. All the meanwhile, I had returned to my apartment and was watching out the window eating a piece of chocolate like it was some good movie on TV. Never a dull moment in the city.


adgasdg said…
WOW! That is like a scene out of "Rear Window"! Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

By the way, I hope you can get your faucet fixed soon. Here's a tip for eating without utensils: rolls and yogurt. Yep! Maybe I was just a busy missionary, but I ate so many cups of yogurt using my roll as a spoon while I was in Hungary. Hey, it worked.

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