The Music

Outside my window, I can hear the sounds of the bells. I have come accustomed to them. They ring on the hour, but also on the quarter hour. One does not need a watch here in Switzerland though clocks are everywhere. Several times a day they ring for a longer time period such as 11a, 5p, and 8p. It is very noisy where we live, but I kind of like it. It is like an orchestra. Vroom, RRR, Zoom, Screech, goes the cars. Ding dong rings the bells of the church. Nenow Nenow goes the ambulance and Nana Nana goes the police cars. Children laughing. The thump of the soccer ball against the wall in the backyard. Babies crying Wah Wah or Owh Owh. Foreign languages of Croatian, Italian, and Swiss spoken by parents calling their children in for dinner. Tssch Tschhh the sound of the jackhammer for repairs on the street. The sound of an accordion coming from a distant apartment playing folk music. Then there is the lovely smell of cows mixed with curry. This is my environment. It has kind of an old time feel to it. I am sure something may be very similar to when the first Americans moved to the United States; especially New York City. I am sure as it took me a while to learn to sleep with all this it will also take me a while to learn to sleep without it.


Company EIGHT said…
Wow--I can hardly imagine it, since we live out in the country and it's so quiet! I would love to experience it though--
Jana said…
Thank you so much for your awesome comment on my blog. It's so nice to know that other people share my pain. I saw your post about the soccer championships. As the wife of a soccer fanatic and sister-in-law of a professional soccer player, I feel your pain!

P.S. Your family is darling.

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