This is a view of the city looking down from the Old Fort
local fauna

Corfu has a different feeling than Santorini or Mykonos and would resemble more of an Italian island than a Greek island because of the colorful buildings. Even though it is an island it has a big town feel to it. Viewing the city from the boat you almost think that this is where the rich and famous would come to play. It has a very elegant feeling about it. The boys had enough and opted to stay on the boat and take a nap, so I ventured on my own. My first stop was the Old Fort which gives you a really fantastic view of the city. There is a really small museum with some artifacts and a gift shop and cost 4 Euros to enter. The hike to the top is well worth it. Then I caught a taxi to the palace of Queen Elizabeth of Austria also know as the Achilleion. She is well known in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and they all call her Sissy. The palace was beautiful.


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