St. Sabino Church

Well, I wish that I could give rave reviews about Bari, but it is kind of a dive with a few nuggets of eye candy. Well, it has to have a few nice things since it is Italy after all. Actually, neither one of us wanted to get off the ship because we were so tired, but Roman came down with a cold and we were in search of a pharmacy. No such luck. The ship docked during siesta time and nothing was open except for a few Cafes. It was also really hot. To tell you the truth they could just skip this stop altogether or dock when shops are open. We did score a really yummy ice cream or gelato and two pairs of fake glasses since I managed to break mine. Total cost was around 11 Euros.


Di said…
I am loving looking through all your old travels! It's funny I used to date an Italian called Sabino - there aren't very many of them around and I loved that there is a church to Saint Sabino in Bari!!

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