Colors of Greece

This is what I call eye candy. I just love Greece; especially, Mykonos with the stark white buildings and colorful doors. The bright blue of the sky and sea. The boats. It is a masterpiece. I love the cobalt blue and turquoise doors the best, but the canary yellow, pumpkin, teal, periwinkle is beautiful too. Like it was all put together by a stage director. The restaurants are quaint and all the furniture matches. Unlike in Germany, you will not find cheap umbrellas with advertisements for some local beer. You will find pergola's covered with flowers to provide shade usually Bougainvilleas. Lights strung giving a soft glow in the dark. Old women dressed in black. Windmills in the distance. I do not know how a place could be any more perfect. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies as a child called the Moonspinners it was a Disney movie with Haley Mills.


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