Tuesday took us out of the city.  I have always wanted to see Stonehenge and thought it would be a shame to not go if we had the chance.  After looking into all our options on how to get there we decided it would be best to rent a car.  Going on a tour bus would have been 12 hours long which would not have been a good thing with a baby.  Looked into going by train, but their were only a couple trains that ran express and if you miss them then you are looking at a couple of hours on the train.  Plus to get to Stonehenge you would have to take a 45 minute bus ride from the nearest city.  No thanks,  so we picked up our car at Healthrow and went on our way.  Frank did a great job of driving on the opposite side of the road.  Thanks Honey!  When we got there it was freezing cold.  No joke!   I could see my breath.  Along with raining.  Thankfully, I had purchased our tickets on-line, so we didn't have to stand in line for tickets.  I kind of thought they would be bigger than they actually were.  Kind of cool to think they dragged the stones from the coast.  Did you know that Stonehenge is a calender marking each month of the year, and the sun will hit a stone as it rotates around.  Cool!  We didn't hang out for long, but the countryside was beautiful despite the cold.  Then it was off to bath which turned into an adventure, but more on that in the next post.  Hope you are having a great weekend.  My boys went to their grandma's for the day, while I cleaned.  Got out for a little bit to watch the boat regatta.  Have a happy Weekend!


Shauna said…
I love this and the last post. Isn't it funny how their meals can be so different, more like our dinners. Still looks so good. I love the bit about Peter Pan! I'm going to share that with the kids when they wake up! This takes me back, we have some of the same exact pictures and I mean exact. Love coming along, thanks for sharing!!!

Great pictures....kinda like seeing the Mona Lisa for the first're like uh seem like it would be bigger! Have a wonderful week!
Dana said…
Love it!!!
tinajo said…
Really cool - one can literally feel history! :-)
Di said…
I went to Stonehenge as a child - I remember being impressed - but we also went to the Avebury Stone Circle which is the largest stone circle in Europe and I remember being very impressed.

There was an inflatable stonehenge at a festival in Glasgow recently that you could play on and bounce on just like a bouncy castle - wish I'd seen it!

And Bath - hope you enjoyed it. I had a lovely weekend there recently.
Anne said…
Lovely photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog over the weekend:)I love your London photos also in the previous post! Have a good week:)
Francesca said…
they seemed pretty impressive to me, but I went back when it was possible to walk up to and through the stones!

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