10 months

Addy with her Tante

Addy is definitely becoming her own person.  She has her likes and dislikes.  She loves to stand , but has not yet learned to pull herself up completely.  She can cross the room though by crawling in lightening speed.  I love how the palm of her hand makes a little smack with each move.  She loves men and will flash them a smile much more quickly than if a woman is trying to make her smile.  She is still not sleeping through the night, but is sleeping for longer time periods.  Unlike her brothers, she is not happy to sit in a wet diaper and will immediately let you know that she wants to be changed.  This is one reason why she wakes up at least once a night.  She loves going for walks, but rarely does she fall asleep during the walks.  She want to see all that is around her.  Her hair is getting lighter, but I don't think she will ever be as blond as her brothers.  The curls are becoming more dominate.  She now has two teeth on the bottom and like a puppy will chew on just about anything.


Emily said…
I love watching her grow into the little girl she's going to be. She sounds like a lot of fun!
Francesca said…
Happy 10 months! Hope she's adjusted to the change now.
flowtops said…
You've got the cutest kids, you have.

What a scare you had with your boy! And who knew that Heidelberg is so beautiful?

nadine paduart said…
i notice you are having the adventures as probably previewed, including a motherfighteningly scare! i would have called the police, before dying of worry!

so, here's your head strong girl. well, she's a girl with many boys in the family, so she needs to stand her grounds, which she does brilliantly, i gather.
enjoy your days...
Joyce said…
This little cutie is fitting right into her new surrounds. xo

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