*Warning Photo Laden Post*

Good Old English Breakfast
Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery

London Calling

A photo taken for Winston my son
Addy did great despite the weather.

The Abbey where Kate and William were married.
Did you know that many famous people are
buried here besides Kings and Queens?

A Beefeater or a Yeoman
The Tower of London

Next time I would love to take the Big Ben Tour
Did you know that there is a hole in the glass
of the face for Peter Pan to fly into?

Can't get enough of the Taxi's though they are starting to
change by allowing advertising on the side.

Loved all the puppets!

I arrived in London late Sunday night where I was greeted by my husband who was there for a work conference.  I was so excited as for years I had dreamed of going to London with my husband.  I had been there before with my mother, but I don't think as a 17 year old I really appreciated all the city had to offer.  Monday morning did not greet us with open arms as the weather was not promising.  RAIN!  Totally typical for England, but it is not what a girl wants when she is traveling and traveling with a baby.  Frank started his day with a good English breakfast of a fried egg, baked beans, a sausage, and a tomato.  Yuck!  Then he was off to work.  Our plans were to see the city as I had purchased a London pass.  The pass gives you entrance to many of the attractions in London for one price.  A good deal if you plan to go to more than a couple of attractions in London.  Be aware, the London Eye is not included in this pass, and some of the museums are free.  Before purchasing look at the attractions and see what you might want to see.  The pass gives you fast pass to some attractions, but not all so plan on some things taking longer than you anticipate.  Oh, London is not made for babies.  If you plan to go there with a small child then make sure you have an extra set of hands to help you up and down all the steps.  I blew out my shoulder lifting Addy up and down all the stairs.  Many thanks go out to all those who offered help that day.  We did a blitz tour through the National Gallery since I was on that side of town.  I loved seeing Van Gogh's Sunflower painting. I was surprised at how emotional I got when I saw it.  Purchasing a guide for a pound is super helpful and will help you navigate the museum to make sure you see those painting you want to see.  Then it was off to see the Abbey, Big Ben, and Parliament.  The day went from OK to terrible as the rain became relentless.  We escaped for a while by seeing the Queen's jewels at the Tower of London.  Amazing!  Did you know that zoo animals once lived at the tower.  Just read a fun fiction book called The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise by Julia Staurt.  Her book was inspired by the history of the castle and those who care for it.  A little slow in the beginning, but loved the final story.  Then it was off on a river cruise along the Thames.  Not sure I would have done that if it hadn't of been raining and included in the pass. A run to Piccadilly circus was in order and purchased some warmer clothes for Addy at the Gap.  Wanted to buy her something Brit, but couldn't find anything in the Covent Garden area.  We ended our day with a visit to the British Museum and an Indian dinner at Masala Zone.  A little spicier than I am used to, but very yummy!


Holly said…
BEAUTIFUL pics- we have never been- hope to get there someday! :)
JoKnows said…
I love all of your photos! I'm jealous. I haven't been to London for yearrrs. I loved it then. Before I had children. I can imagine it is much more difficult to get around with kids.
Francesca said…
Lovely pics, and so glad you made it out there, to be with your man (and baby girl). Most of Europe is not designed for babies in strollers, or - sadly - disabled or elderly people. Mothers with more than just one child make it around, but the latter categories quite often don't.
shayndel said…
Wonderful travel-logue, I love the image of you in the museum and finding the 'Sunflower", then off to all of the amazing sights and reading the book about the places you experience. Sounds so 'full' and nourishing.
Yum, and the Indian food too, mmm,happy travels!!!

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