Along the Neckar

Heidelberg is located along the Neckar River.  Today we decided to take one of the boat rides that goes from Heidelberg to Neckarsteinbach.  The trip is about 40 minutes long and you can get off an explore the castle or have lunch along the river.  It was a little cold today, but it got us out of the house.  I think the boys thought it was a little boring too, but I thought the scenery was beautiful.  They did think it was cool that the boat has to go through locks to pass from one part of the river to another thus the boat was lowered about 12 feet.  Afterwards we walked through the city which was full of action as everyone prepares for Sunday.  We needed to buy bread.  The city is never short of entertainment in terms of people watching. There was a group of people who were parading the city in t-shirts that gave the wedding date of a couple, a guy riding a bike that had a pirate ship build around it, a guy with a green Mohawk, and an old woman who I was surprised with her purple hair that matched her purple clothes.  Well, I am off to London.  See you on Thursday!


Sonja said…
Hi there! I can't believe I never found your blog before - you live in Germany and I write a lot about Germany. Just became your newest follower. Will spend some time over the next few days reading more of your posts!
Kathy said…
Hello, the scenery is just lovely - your children so precious! I love visiting - I hope you have a blessed week,
Shauna said…
I am just enjoying living in Germany with you so much!!!!!! My kids love your blog too! What a great time you are having. I only got to spend about three days in Germany, not enough, it's my dad's favorite country in Europe. I can see why. Take care,


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