Heidelberg, Botanical Gardens

It is hot today! Too hot to be inside, so after I finished my grocery shopping for the weekend, Addy and I headed to the Botanical Gardens located on the campus of University of Heidelberg. Before heading there you need to check the hours because they aren't open all day long, but the best thing is that it is free. I love the outside garden area with umbrellas. Perfect for reading a book and eating lunch. My husband is off to Paris today for a conference (boo hoo), but the good part is that I get to join him on Sunday in London. My mother-in-law has so wonderfully agreed to come watch the boys, so that I can hang with my man. Addy is excited too! Tomorrow we are off to a river cruise on the Neckar is the weather holds out. What do you have planned for the weekend? Anything good? Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!


Joyce said…
Beautiful flowers for a warm day. Enjoy your date weekend. xo
What wonderful pictures! So glad you are enjoying your stay.

Have a great time on your "mini vacay" from your vacay!
tinajo said…
Oh wow - so cool! Love all of this! :-)
Gorgeous pictures....I loved riding my bike through the botanical garden in Bremen especially in May with all the Rhododendrons. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Francesca said…
Enjoy your trip!

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