Exploring Heidelberg

Another gorgeous day!!!!!  It seems almost to good to be true!  I can't believe our good fortune. Today was a holiday here in Germany-May Day.  The children have off from school, so as soon as we ate breakfast we were off.  Winston was thrilled when less than three minutes from our front door we found a skate park.  I think we will be spending a lot of time there.  Then just a couple minutes down the river we found a really cool play ground for the children.  Even Harris wasn't too old to have fun.  We continued our exploration by walking down the Fussganger Zone (pedestrian zone) to the old city.  Our exploration wasn't complete until we had a gelato and a wurst broetchen.  A small little celebration was taking place so we lucked out and the children had fun listening to live music and jumping in the bouncy house.  Germans do not waste a beautiful day as we noticed from the bus window because the bank of the river was completely lined with bodies soaking up the sun.  Heidelberg is a fantastic city.


Sounds like a perfect way to welcome May! Have a great time!
Ayak said…
How lucky to have such good weather for your arrival in Germany. Enjoy your time there xx
Ayak said…
Oops..having trouble with the comments here..just delete this one if my previous one appears
It does look like a fabulous city and also looks like you are all having fun discovering the good parts. Welcome back to Europe! :)
Francesca said…
Are your kids in school there?
likeschocolate said…
Yes, the children will be going to school while they are here.
Allison said…
We spent the whole entire day outside yesterday, where I completely overdid it in the garden... it was even that nice in Hamburg!

It really is true about Germans not wasting a nice day... the sidewalks are always packed.

Hope you are having a great time!

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