Prague Day 2

Ok, I am not going to hold back with the photos.  I know it is a lot, but Prague is such a gorgeous city I didn't want you to miss out!  What do you think, isn't it gorgeous???  Day 2 we set off on foot and explored the city.  First visiting the Dancing Houses by Frank Gehry otherwise known as the Fred and Ginger houses.  Then we walked over the Charles Bridge which totally reminded me of the Bridge of Angels in Rome and then on to the Lennin Wall (a graffti wall that is a tribute to John Lennin).  After that it was a gruelling walk not for the week in heart up to the castle. The castle is pretty modern in comparison to others such as Neuschwanstein or the Heidelberg castle.  Then on to the church which reminded me of the one in Koln which was also made in the Baroque era.  You can take a bus or tram, but I found it easier to get around on foot because they don't announce the stop and nothing is in English. 


great city trip! the first one shows such an interesting building. and you are very symphatic and beautiful! :)
Anonymous said…
If you did ask us, we did know some Restaurants with "low" prices. They are not in the mainstreet. But as a tourist you to accept, that they will handle you as a tourist. That is the fun you have as a tourist. You8 cann tell a lot. Generally, their official language is the tschechien language. The American transport systems used only englisch and no russian or Chineese.

Greetings from us
likeschocolate said…
Too Anonymous, When I travel I don't expect things to be in English. What fun would it be to travel somewhere and have it be just like America. The point I was making is that I didn't find it easy to travel on the public transportation system. The map we were given at the information booth was very difficult do read and not very clear about what lines to take. Also, I know we were suckers for the Tourist trap food because my husband was starving. Usually, I do my homework before leaving; however, this time I had way too much on my plate. I am sure the restaurant food is fantastiC, but that was not the exoerience had this time.

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