These babies are mine

These babies are all mine! I can't help but brag because I am so giddy that they made it here in time for me to wear at my cousins' wedding this weekend-which, by the way, is in Maryland. I haven't seen him since I was a little girl. I can't wait! That means I hit the road again tomorrow. Hopefully, we will survive the 12-hour drive there. Then after the wedding, we are going even farther up to Boston to visit with relatives.


Traveling Mama said…
Brag away, girl! They are adorable! The granola bars are getting lots of "yums" and "oh's!" so I'd so they are a huge success! Have fun on your trip!
Love the shoes, but even more.. I'm so envious you are going to MD. Oh how I wish I could be back East! ...I miss the green and the smell of the ocean..

...I think I need chocolate to cheer up!
Crazy Campbells said…
I would be so excited too! Those shoes are way cute! Enjoy your trip.

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