Road Trip/ Galveston day 2

The ferry from Bolivar
looking at the dolphins

The island is covered with Black Eyed Susans
We took our time leaving the hotel in Louisiana because we loved it so much. The boys had fun playing in the pool and a game of hoops on the basketball. On the ferry ride over to Galveston, we saw a pod of dolphins. The boys thought that was really cool. They also enjoyed watching the Pelicans dive for fish. It is quite the site. Winston kept asking where the cowboys were. I guess because it is Texas there needs to be cowboys. Roman was happy to finally be out of the car. He has learned how to say Let me out!


Em said…
If we are ever in the South I will have to remember your beach tip. It looks so warm and fun, I love beaches :)

Have a fun trip!
Andi said…
A part of the country I've never visited... and still want to go. Even more, after seeing the beautiful beach. How fun!
Company EIGHT said…
You take the most fun trips!

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