Galveston Day 4-5

The ever so cool Winston
The boys at the Rainforest Cafe
A Game of Chess
Where shall I move?

Our vacation is almost over we will be heading home on Thursday. Boo hoo! All good things must come to an end. Though I enjoy being with my husband I think I have entered the Marine Corps with his 5-mile walks. The walks wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't 90 degrees outside. Since we have been here we tried out the Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. Normally, I don't like chain restaurants, but this place wasn't too bad. I enjoyed the jungle chop salad which was really tasty. A little overpriced, but the children enjoyed all the action and we even went on the river adventure ride. Afterward, we walked along the promenade. Yesterday, we tried to find this bird refuge, but I think it was washed away by the hurricane, so we made our way into the city center and the boys enjoyed a game of chess.


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