Part 1 Rehearsal Dinner

My only relationship to Maryland has been that every time we go to Washington D.C. we stay in a hotel located in College Heights. If you are familiar with Maryland then you know College Heights is not a great location to stay in, but it is close to D.C. and the hotel there are cheaper. Then there are all the times we have driven through Baltimore as we headed north. Eastern Maryland is beautiful! The combination of farmlands covered in corn and the many waterways is just breathtaking. The first day of our trip to the wedding was spent in the car. We drove as far as Richmond. The next morning we headed to Chestertown, Maryland which is on the Eastern Banks. The town is small and quaint. I was amazed at how many deer I saw and the eagles flying in the air. The rehearsal dinner was held at Waterman's Restaurant located in Rock Hall. The food is fabulous! The funny part was that we had eaten lunch there earlier in the day before we knew the location of the rehearsal dinner. That is another post though. We danced, we talked, and we ate. Boy was it humid though! Thank goodness for the evening breeze and the sun began to set. It was fun seeing all my cousins again. I hadn't seen the groom since we were little.

Mo and Freddie, Priscilla,
Roman, Shannon and my dad
Shannon and I, Peggy Anne and Bob,
Clara and Danielle, Ellen and Amanda
The soon to be bride and groom
The yummy spread and fabulous location
all you could eat crack crabs, ribs, corn,
salads, and coconut cake for dessert


I miss the East Coast SO much! I wish we had "smell-a-vision"; the crab looks delicious!

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