Do you Remember a Time?

There are times in our lives that always seem to be a mark in time when we can say do you remember what you were doing when......... blank happened. For example, I can remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the trade center had been hit by a plane or when the space shuttle the Challenger blew up. I remember the day I met my husband, the day I had had my first child then second and then third. Pop culture also has a way of marking time. It changes us whether we like it or not. It also changes what we wear. It even bridges the generations. The year was 1976, I was living with my mother in California and though I was only five I remember Charlies Angels. I didn't get to watch the show that often because it was on past my bedtime. I even had the dolls. We played Charlies Angels on the playground. Farrah Fawcett was beautiful! She had a million dollar smile and married the million dollar man which I was very jealous of until I fell in love with Shawn Cassidy. Every little girl wanted to have a haircut just like her. Tube socks were all the rage worn with shorts. Fast forward a few years, dancing in the living room of my friend Gia we listened to Michael Jackson's song Thriller. We were just at the age when we were not little girls anymore playing with our Barbies, but not quite teenagers yet. The age of the roller rinks and after-school dances. The boys traded their jeans in for parachute pants. One fashion I am glad that did not last. A couple of years later in the choir, we learned to sing the song We are the World. Thanks for the memories, Michael and Farrah!


Traveling Mama said…
Those are the exact Herbie movies we have been watching! So funny! Parker has talked non stop about the hundred Herbies that came to the rescue!

It's so weird that Farrah and Michael are gone. My husband has talked nonstop about it these last few days. I was a little young to fully appreciate it (he's eight years older than me.) I think they both really shaped not only American culture but also other cultures worldwide.
It makes me wonder if there is anything I can do to shape culture in such a way?
Laura said…
I agree. Michael was and continues to be all over the german newspapers.

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