Canopie Lake Park

When I found out that we would be going to visit Massachusetts this summer, the first thing came to my mind was that I wanted to take my children to Canobie Lake in New Hampshire. I had gone to Canobie Lake as a child and then as a teenager. I had always had a blast going. I wanted the boys to share that memory with me. It is no Disney, but then you also don't have the ticket price of Disney nor as long of a wait for the rides. The weather forecast for the week did not look good and at one point we almost canceled because of the rain. We threw on our raincoats and prayed for the best. I was sure they were going to shut down on us, but nope I guess when you live in the Northeast you just adapt to the weather. The rain actually worked in our favor because most of the rides we could just walk onto. Before we left, we had to have cotton candy and elephant ears. Yummy!

cinnamon sugar and powder sugar
elephant ears are very tasty
cotton candy


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