Children's Museum

What do you do with a group of small children on a rainy day? Go to the Children's Museum. We choose to go to the Children's Museum in Acton, Mass despite it being an hour away. There is also one in Boston, but then we would have needed to worry about traffic or a parking spot. The museum is composed of two buildings one really geared for little children and one more scientific and geared for older children. We went to both and the children had fun playing and doing experiments. It was a perfect solution to our problem. I even had fun. On our way home, we stopped at a fun farmers market called Idlewyld with yummy gourmet food. My cousin Jane treated us to a yummy dinner of muscles and baked haddock with a crab stuffing.


Traveling Mama said…
How fun! We were so spoiled by living just outside Atlanta (prior to moving to Morocco, of course) There were always so many places to go!

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