Save your money

Last week while we were in Galveston when Roman was taking a nap and Papa was cleaning out his inbox, Winston and I went to see the movie Up. The good part of this story is that going to the movies in Texas is cheaper than here in Georgia. This was not a favorite of mine and would recommend seeing it on DVD or next summer when it comes to the free summer movies. The first 15 minutes or so there is very little dialogue, but a montage of scenes depicting the main characters life; and while his relationship with the young boy may be endearing I thought this movie to be a little morose. His wife dies and they want to put him in the old folks home while the city all around him changes. Then he realizes that he never went anywhere and so now it is time to do his bucket list. I fell asleep at the end, so I can't even tell you how it ends. ??? How was this movie a movie for children?


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