Field Day!

I love how field day has completely changed from when I was a kid.  When I was in elementary school it was relay races, the 100 meter dash, the long jump, and you get the idea.  Field day was very similar to track races; however, today they are more about team work and having fun.  Everyone is a winner.  While I wasn't able to be there for Addy's field day this year, her teacher took a ton of photos and sent them to all the parents.  I was sadly at the dentist getting three cavities filled.  No fun!  Addy had a blast though and was so existed that they got to eat Chick fil A for lunch and had Popsicles for dessert.  Do your children's schools have field day and if so what kind of games do the children play?


Swan Li said…
Field days are always fun... Great series.

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