Sunday, August 20, 2017

Run Like The Wind

One of the hardest parts of being here in Europe is being away from my two other children.  Harris leaves for college in just a few days and his dad will check him into the dorms next Monday and Winston choose to stay home because he was worried about credits transfering.  My heart was aching yesterday as I knew I wasn't going to be there to cheer Winston on in his first ever cross country race.  He has played soccer for the last 6 years and this fall he decided to go out for cross country running which was kind of a natural extension of soccer since he was running so much to increase his speed on the field.  While he didn't when any metals yesterday, he did place place 71st out of 240 something kids.  I say that is pretty good for his first race.  I love this boy and miss him so much he is such a good kid.  I can't believe I get to be his mom!   Run like the wind Winston.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Kronberg and The Opel Zoo

Hello Lovelies!  Hope your weekend is taking off to a great start.  I am excited because for the first time in 10 weeks I am sitting here in my apartment all by myself.  Roman and Addy started school on Monday, Avery on Tuesday, and Ivy started on Wednesday.  Ivy was not thrilled in the least and for the first two days made a stink and so we had to leave early.  Who am I kidding?  She made a stink today too, but instead this time the teachers supported me and took her from me and I left.  20 minutes later they called to just let me know that she was OK.  they still want me to pick her up early today, but at least she is there without me and I am enjoying the peace and quiet in my home.  I will also get some alone time tonight too as the children are going to a church activity and then afterwards I have hired a babysitter, so I can do some shopping and go eat dinner.

Kronberg, may not mean anything to most people, but those who are familiar with Queen Victoria of England may know that her oldest daughter married Kaiser Wihelm IV who later became king; however he died 88 days later.  Her and her husband lived in Konigsberg and today you can visit the place.  It is now a hotel.

Kronberg is located just 21 km to the west of downtown Frankfurt in the Tanus Mountains, and from there you have a front row seat view of  the Frankfurt Skyline.  The town is charming but is not for the faint in heart at times for driving as some of the streets are so narrow that the houses almost touch.  It is better to park ones car and walk through the charming little village.

We combined our visit to Kronberg with a visit of the Opel Zoo.  I prefer this zoo over the Frankfurt Zoo.  Neither zoo has a huge range of exotic animals and at times one might feel they are visiting a really large farm; however, what is really nice about the zoo's is that they have really fantastic play parks. My children really enjoyed being able to feed the goats and playing on the zipline.

Well, I am off because it is almost time to pick up Ivy.  I hope you have a really fantastic weekend! What are your plans for the weekend?  See you back here soon-Kelleyn

Monday, August 14, 2017


                                                              above photo credit Nikanos

                                                photo credit for photo of Elizabeth Kirsch by Andreas Trepte

What do you do when all your plans fall through?  Turn to plan B and in this case while Marburg was not going to Luxembourg city it was still a fun place to explore. Located just 40 k north of Butzbach, so just about an hour15 from Frankfurt this university town offers a rich history in old style German Architecture, good food, and a beautiful castle to explore.  Be forwarned getting to this castle is a bit of a hike and all up hill, so if you have little ones you may want to take the bus directly there is you are traveling by train; however, the views from up above are lovely. Where to eat?  Endless choices since Margburg is a university town and at reasonable prices.  It was pretty apparent that the children just weren't into sight seeing, so we cut our loses and went to see the movie Emoji at the giant Cinaplex in town.  That is how it is when you are traveling with children.  Sometimes they can totally be all into whatever one is exploring and at others they just aren't digging it.  This meant we didn't get to see the inside of the castle, but I am sure we will go back to Marburg one day.  Anyway, when I say we I am speaking of myself and our friend Nadja from Austria.  We have known her for for 14 years now.  She helped me with the boys for a couple of summers when she had first graduated from high school.  The kids loved the movie and afterward we walked back to the train stain via Elizabeth Kirche.  Well, Today is the first day of school here in Germany.  Poor Addy was totally nervous.  Avery starts tomorrow and Ivy on Wednesday.  They are all so ready to be back in school and I am ready to have a little bit of peace and quiet each day.  Hope your week is starting off well? See you back here soon!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ronneburg Castle

Hi!  How are you?  Hope you are having a lovely week.  We are looking forward to the weekend as our friend Nadja is coming to visit us along with an old car show here in town.  Not sure where our adventures will take us as the car is having some troubles, and can't get into the shop until Wednesday: however, I am sure that won't stop us from having fun. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

The castle of Ronneburg dates back to around 1258 but may have been built earlier.  Over time the castle has changed hands of various owners; however, in 2004 the castle was sold by Prince Wolfgang Ernst II von Ysenburg-Budingen to Baron Joachim Benedikt von Herman auf Wain and today visitors can visit it daily along with it's gift shop and restaurant. We soaking in every minute of summer and this castle located only 30 minutes from our home was a must see!  Sadly we missed the falcon show, but the children had a great time exploring each of the rooms and trying on armor from the Medieval time period. The scenery along the way was well worth the trip alone with big hay wheels set across a back drop of blue sky and fields filled with wild flowers.