Cinelli's Thai Rolled Ice Cream and Volkspark Niddatal

This past Saturday with Addy at a birthday party for the afternoon, we adventured back into Frankfurt again to this time visit Volkspark Niddatal; however, before that Roman wanted to give it one more try and see if we could get some rolled ice cream.  My navi wasn't working for some reason on my phone, but I was able to find the cafe pretty easily.  The kids were so excited and we not disappointed.  Half the fun is watching them make the ice cream and a -35 Celsius, the ice cream takes a little more than two minutes to make.  First he pours the cream onto the metal pan than adds the mix in of your choice ranging from oreos, chocolate chip cookies, nutella, raspberries, strawberry, mango, and and chocolate.  Then he begins mixing in the items then smooths them mixture out and may add some additional ingredients then with a bench scraper he rolls the ice cream into rolls and tops with more ingredients and syrup.  Mr. Cinelli just opened the second location where we went by the Gruneberg Park just recently, but his original location has been up and running for a while.  Mr. Cinelli having been in the event business for over 20 years wanted to open up a ice cream shop, but didn't just want to do a traditional ice cream store where you scoop the ice cream and the customers go on their way.  I have to admit it is really fun to watch the ice cream come together.  Mr. Cinelli said after flying to Singapore and New York City he knew he had to bring this ice cream to Frankfurt. Super yummy s is all I can say and the smiles on the kids faces was worth the drive.  Afterwards we headed over to the Volkspark Niddatal the largest park in Frankfurt offers a little something for everyone:soccer fields, tennis courts, a walking trail along the river, a few restaurants, a dog park, and a play ground with a water splash pad.  Having not done any research on this park, I hadn't brought any swim clothes or a towel, but that didn't stop the girls from going in!  It was a great way to cool off!  We can't wait to go back!


Jeanna said…
I'm so glad you went back and struck ice cream gold. What happened to Mr. Cinelli's arm? He's pretty good to be able to roll ice cream with a clipped wing. I love this idea and fun photos of the girls and the splash pad (and ice cream, my fav photo). Love the water rock.
shayndel said…
Looks like something my daughter would love too:)) Such happy and joyous photos, looks like a great time! I love the new header with the figs!
elizabeth said…
I've seen rolled ice cream on someone else's blog or instagram. It must be a trending new way to eat an old and beloved treat!
Tom said…
...fancy ice cream I'd say and what a neat water splash pad.
Anonymous said…
How fun, have never seen rolled ice cream! Seeing your daughter with the ice cream in her hand reminds me how difficult it was to find home made ice cream in China, but on the (street) market of Quang Zhou we found a booth with several flavors. Even though they warn you not to buy home made food, I did, and the pistachio ice cream was delicious!
Kirsi Gembus said…
I don't know this ice cream, but the Niddatal in Frankfurt.
Youre daughter enjoy this place and the ice - funny picture from a funny girl!
It looks great place and pictures also. Really your daughter enjoy every moment in this post. I will not try this roll ice-cream but i inspired you and try this ice-cream.
same day Taj Mahal tour
Excellent pictures! That ice cream seems delightful!

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