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The State Fair

Hi!  Did you have a good weekend?  Friday we went to the fair.  The girls had a blast!  Roman choose to stay home because he had gone earlier in the week with his DECA Club and Winston was at the cross country running pasta dinner.  I have to say though I think the food quality has gone downhill, and that is pretty bad when you are already talking about junk food.  Saturday the girls were bears because they had gotten to bed too late.  My bad. Sunday was a new day. I went to church and it seemed like every talk was directed right at me and gave me hope and motivation to help me navigate the week.  One young man, who got baptized on Saturday, along with his friend got up and sung.  They had the whole room in tears.  It was so beautiful.  His voice is amazing.  Today I got up off my bootie and made some pumpkin cupcakes for a mom who just moved to the states from Scotland.  She has never had pumpkin.  Just that simple little act made me so happy!  I hope she loves them.  I had extra, so…

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