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Japanese Style Short Ribs

Last weekend we had a couple of my husband works colleagues over for dinner and wanting to impress them with my culinary skills I went in search of a recipe that would knock their socks off. As luck would have it, one night a couple weeks prior to the dinner party I was looking for something to watch and came across a tv show on Netflix called Salt Fat Acid Heat. The first episode drew me in as it took me on a journey to Italy and talked about the role of Fat in food and how it makes particular dishes delicious.  The host of the show is a food column writer and book writer Samin Nosrat.  Her quirky genuine personality draws you in and makes you feel so comfortable.  In the second episode, she takes you on a journey to Japan where you learn the purpose of salt and how not all salts are created equal.  This is where I found the recipe for the short ribs. My mouth was watering and I knew I had to make them for our quest.  My guest loved them and couldn't stop praising how wonderful t…

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