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Lake Bled Slovenia and Vintgar Gorge

Hi!  How are you?  Are you watching the World Cup?  We are crying here at our house as Germany played so terribly  Anyway, lots going on at our house.  School finishes at the end of the week and we leave on Saturday for Sardinia.  Then we have a week to turn around after our trip to pack up the house and head back to America.  A little stressful to say the least.  While I was in Slovenia, I took a tour to see Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge.  I could have easily rented a car and traveled there myself as these two locations are only about a 45-minute drive from Lubjiana, but since I was traveling alone I thought it would be safer to go with a tour.  The only disadvantage to the tour was that I didn't have a chance to linger as long as I would have liked at each of the spots.  Plus side was I met some really nice people.

Legend has it that the area around Lake Bled had no water around it and that it was a lush valley of grass.  In the middle of the lush valley sat a large rock where th…

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