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Apple Picking 20

It seems wrong to go apple picking in 90-degree weather.  Boots should be worn and sweaters to the air should be crisp, but in Georgia, if you wait for those circumstances the apples are long gone because they are ripe by August and last into mid-September.  The kids love going and we always get apple cider donuts and apple cider to drink.  This year we took our neighbor's daughter!  Her twin stayed home to work on a zip-line course with her father.  It may not have been the best of ideas as everyone and their uncle was there too!  I guess all those who didn't go to the beach this labor day headed to the mountains.  Over the weekend the kids enjoyed a few last swims in the neighborhood pool, we ate hot dogs and ate ice cream, and we watched Mulan.  I think I liked the cartoon version better, but I am glad that my daughters have a role model who looks like them.  We also enjoyed watching Ivan and Me!  Which of the two, was my personal favorite?  I remember Ivan being in the zo…

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