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Paris by Day

On our final day in Paris, we took the train from Chessy where Disneyland Paris is located, and went straight to the Arc D Triomphe after storing our luggage at the train station.  Buffi and Kathryn would later be taking the train out to the airport where they would spend the night and we would take the train back to Germany.  We made it just in time because a giant rainstorm started pouring down upon us minutes after arriving.  Then on to Angelina's!  What is Angelina's?  Only one of the most famous cafe houses with the most decadent hot cocoa and macaroons.  We took our treats to go though I do recommend one hot cocoa for everyone to try as it is so rich.  A lovely walk through the park took us to the Louvre and from there we made our way to Notre Dame.  Sadly, that was about all our day could afford us as we had to pick our luggage back up from storage and head over to the East Train Station which also give us time to pick up some lunch.  It was such a fun adventure with Kat

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