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EFY at BYU and Boys Back to School Edititon

Hi!  Just wanted to take a minute and post a few pictures of Winston's trip to EFY which is short for Especially for Youth.  It is a week-long conference for the youth of our church ages 14-18 where they gather to dance, play games, build friendships, and gain a more solid testimony of Jesus Christ and learn of his love of each and every one of us.  This year Winston attended this camp at BYU which is in Provo, Utah.  He chose to go there instead of the one here in Georgia because he thought it would be fun to meet some new kids and because it is set on the BYU campus there are a lot of activities to choose from.  He had a blast!

Back to School-Boys Edition

Roman was so nervous about going back to school this fall.  He moved on to 6th grade this year which is in middle school.  He did great though and I am so proud of him.  Winston is a junior this year, so he is preparing to take the SAT's and the ACT's.  They are growing up so fast.  The other day Winston and I took a me…

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