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Hatchers Pass, Alaska

Happy Friday Everyone!  I am so jetlagged and I know today is going to be a rough day.  Hopefully, I can get a cat nap in somewhere.  Anyways, you might know that I just go back from 5 days in Anchorage.  I lived in Anchorage for 10 years as a child.  We moved up to Alaska when I was 10 and I left shortly before my 20th birthday.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to go up every few years.  This trip brought me to Anchorage to attend my 30th-year class reunion which just seems so wild to me because I don't feel a day over 25 at least mentally my body says otherwise.  It was a great trip.  Since I took a gazillion photos I will post them in a few posts.  Hatchers Pass is located about an hour outside of anchorage just east of  Wasilla.  The views are stunning and we were treated to all the blueberries we could pick as it is blueberry season right now. We choose to visit the old gold mine.  Which was really interesting to see. I had never been there before. The fireweed also …

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