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Random Thoughts:  I am watching the TV show 1883.  Man, it rips at your heart each week and has you on the seat of your pants waiting for the next episode.  I never thought I would say that I love a Country Western show.  The writing for the show is like poetry.  Watching this week's episode has me really thinking about freedom, wanting for a better life or what we think will be a better life, risk, and most importantly death.  We take life for granted as if it is guaranteed, yet there is no such guarantee. In the news this weekend, there is a report of a woman from Britain who has lost her life in Tonga after a volcano erupted and she was caught by the Tsunami.  That woman got up like everyone else that morning and I am sure was enjoying the beautiful weather that Tonga had to provide. Now she is gone!  As I was clicking through the internet, I came across an article that the tensions are rising and there is fear that Russia is going to invade Ukraine.  Are we on the brink of war

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