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Disney Springs and Wish

  The day after going to Disney World, the children, my mother and I met our friends over at Disney Springs. If you have not visited Disney World in a while, Disney Springs is a large shopping plaza with restaurants, shops, and some entertainment.  We split up for lunch because I had Oakley with us and she couldn't go into the restaurant, but that was OK because I really wanted to have some British Fish and Chips at Cookes of Dublin.  Yummy!  Ivy got some chips otherwise known to Americans as French Fries, Avery, my mom got Mexican, and Addy at the House of Blues with our friends.  Then we went to Salt and Straw for Ice Cream.  I had the pumpkin pie with gingerbread, and the girls' vanilla, and my mom got her all-time favorite of roasted pineapple and coconut.  We walked around for a while and explored the different shops before saying goodbye to our friends.  Then Avery, Ivy, and I went to see Wish.  Wish was a tribute to the last 100 years of Disney.  The story is about how t

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