Monday, March 24, 2008

10 Year Anniversary

Ten years has come and gone. I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday we were meeting for the first time. Our celebration was postponed and now that it has been almost 11 years. We wanted to do something special. Well, we were trying to think of what to do. Oma (grandma) is going to take the children for a week. I thought that Barcelona would be great since we would already be in Europe and the tickets from Zurich would not be to expensive. My husband however didn't think that sounded very restful. He suggested Turkey. That didn't sound good to me because I don't have the time before we leave to research out resorts. I only know one couple who has been there and they spent the whole week in the hotel. Not really my idea of fun. Then my husband suggested a cruise. I wasn't to sure about this because I thought it would be so expensive. However, in minutes my husband was able to find a good deal with port stops that I have always dreamed of going to. I guess we all win. Actually, one of the best vacations we ever went on was a cruise. It was great! We just unpacked once, and were able to see several different places without the worry of how to get there or where we were going to eat. We will be doing an Italy/Greek Island Tour in July. Keep posted and see what happens.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I left my heart in Seattle

I can't seem to get enough of Seattle. It has been 7 years since we have moved from Seattle. I love Georgia, but a part of my heart still lives in Seattle. It is where I met my husband and had my first child. Many of my good friends still live. It was time for a quick trip to Seattle to visit my mom and friends. I can't get enough of the Farmer's Market and the view of the Harbour. Jen and I had a great time catching up with one another. Then it was off to see my mom. We had a great day at the Seattle Art Museum seeing a collection of Roman statues. The worst part of the weekend was having to say goodbye.
Isn't baby Emily adorable!


2/19/08 Europe Here we Come!
As a mother of three boys it is not so easy to be organized; especially when their ages are spread out. They all have different needs. My husband and I are taking the children on a 4 month trip to Europe for his work and there is so much to plan before we leave. We have an apartment, but no car as of yet. I love my children, but I sure do miss the days of just throwing a few things in a suitcase. I am sure there will be things I will forget and I do not even know what they are at the moment. The Euro is so expensive, I need to do the best I can to prepare for every situation prior to leaving. Ugh! I am trying not to think about it too much because the very idea of it all makes me want to run and hide under the covers. Any tips?

3/15/08 Car
Yeah! We secured a car this week for Switzerland. After many hours searching the Internet and asking friends if they new anyone with connections, we secured a car for the 4 months we are over there. We changed our minds about a mini van. We decided the extra space would be needed. Now we don't need to worry how we are going to get all of our luggage to the apartment. Yeah!!!!

3/17/08 St. Gallen, Switzerland
I forgot to mention in my previous post that we will be living in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This city is located in the northeast corner of Switzerland. It is small but not too small of a city. We will have everything we need, and we will be able to walk to school and to the grocery store. My husband has the opportunity to work over there, so we took it in order for the boys to be able to improve their language skills. This trip has been three years in the making, but due to our sons heart surgery last year we had to postpone the trip until this year. We will be leaving on April 26th and returning on August31st of 08. With each day, we are getting more excited to go.