Monday, April 24, 2017


Today I opened my email box to a message from our sons school that said,"Caps and gown are in and they will be distrubted during 4th period."  Reading that message was like getting hit in the stomach with a brick because that makes my son graduating in one month so real.  I haven't really thought so much about him graduating as we have had so much to do to prepare of our move to Germany; however, in one month he will be graduating. My baby has grown up!  I posted a picture on my instagram account of  my son in his tuxedo for from and a friend who knew him from birth said, " I can't believe that baby who cried all the time is now a grown man."  It is true that little baby cried almost his whole first six months.  I didn't think I would survive. He then turned into a very smart and busy toddler who had me on my toes 24 hours a day.  I couldn't turn my back for a second or he was drawing sailboats on our living room wall, smearing diaper cream all over himself, or swinging from my mother's curtains declaring himself to be spiderman.  I knew he was smart around 16 month when one day he lost a ball behind our armour and instead of crying and pointing his finger at the ball he went into the kitchen and grabbed the soup spoon out of the utensil drawer and used it to scoop the ball out.  We worried all through elementary school as he had his teachers stumped as what to do with him because he was bored out of his brains and would always get into trouble.  It wasn't until middle school that we felt we could take a breath as he found the world of Robotics and that seemed to feed his brain and energy.  As I sit here writing this, the baby who became a boy who is now a man and will soon graduate is downtown at a Entreupenur meeting introducing himself and his web design business to the community. On Saturday night he took his friend Madigan to the prom. It seems so real.  When you are a new mom you never believe the other moms who have gone before you and tell you to cherish every moment because you never think they are ever going to grow up, but as the saying goes, "babies don't keep." It is true!  They don't and in one month this boy of mine will be saying bye to high school and hello to the adventure called college.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ipnone photos

I honestly can't believe that Easter has come and gone and we are all ready more than a 1/4 into the New Year. In 7 weeks, we will be bording a plane for Germany where will will live the next year.  I am so excited!  I am thrilled that the children will have a chance to get to know their Oma and Opa better, but also their aunt and cousin.  Most importantly though that the children will be immersed in their fathers native language.  I can't wait to see their language ability take off.  Cleaning up my iphone I wanted to share some of these photos before I forget this crazy but exciting time in our lives.

Addy's teacher sent me these cut photos of her
trip to the childrens museums! 
 Looks like she was having fun!

Recently, the boys had the opportunity to spend the day at Porsche.  Can you tell how excited they were!  Porsche treated them with first class and they had so much fun.

Before surgery!  

Harris spent his whole spring break on the couch.
  Poor guy had his wisdom teeth out.

About a month ago, I got my hair done at Drybar for an event I was going to!  I loved how it turned out!  Lulu rocks!

Twice a year, my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) holds a conference for it's member that spans the weekend.  When I was younger we used to watch the conference via satellite at the church building; however today you can watch it from the comfort of your own home via the internet.  You can watch it live or later.  We were on our way back from Florida, so I ended up watching it at a later date.  My 3 favorite talks were by Gary Sabin who talked about being all in when it comes to our love for the Savior, my next favorite was by Yoon Choi who wrote about where are you focusing up or all around you when it comes to having a relationship with Heavenly Father. My last but not least favorite is written is this talk by Uchdorf.  He alway delivers every time in bringing us close to the Saviours love! Loved how he talked about Gods works through Love and not fear.  To read more, go to LDS.org

A couple of weeks ago, I launched my website for my photography business.  So excited to have my photography photos all in one place and to open myself up for potentially more business. You can find my site here.  Well, it is late and I barely can keep my eyes open.  Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2017

April Movie Reviews and What to Watch

At first I wasn't so sure about this show, but it really has grown on me.  I look forward to Wednesday nights now!  This year has a been a good year for TV shows.  Finally some real stories as opposed to these dumb reality TV shows.  Disgnated Survivor is a little politics, a little mystery, and a possible love story in the works.  Can't wait to see where this show goes and I truly hope it comes back next year.

I am a huge Masterpiece Theater fan and Home Fires can be found on PBS on Sunday nights.  If you love War War II shows than this TV show if for you.  Set in a small town in England the show covers the early years of WWII and the effects it had on the British people mostly seen through the eyes of the woman left behind.  If you saw the series Land Girls (2009-2011), this has a very similar feel. Now in it's second Season and I just read final season  this show is still worth watching if you are looking for a story line of hope, courage, and friendship.

When I saw the trailor for The Zookeepers Wife, I was so thrilled.  I love movies set during WWII and Jessica Chastain is such an incredible actress.  The story line spans  from the envasion to the end of the war and is based on the true story of Antonia and Jan Zabinski who were able to save the lives of more than 600 jews.  What an incredible story of courage!  

Boss Baby was not a movie I was dying to see, but my children were so excited to see it.  The premise of the movie is that a family has a new baby and his older brother is not so thrilled; however the two link up to save the baby race from being replaced by puppies and in the mean time  the two fall in love with each other.  The movie is sassy, and may not be everyone's cup of tea.  The children loved the movie though!

I actually haven't seen this movie yet, but I can't wait to see it.  It is about a uncle who has been given custody of his niece after her mother passes away, the little girl is extremely gifted but the uncle wants her to be educated in a manor that would allow her to enjoy her childhood; however, grandma doesn't feel the same way.  If anything else, Chris Evans isn't too bad to look at! I am hoping to see this in the next week or two if I can get away.  Stayed tune!  Have you seen anything good lately?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Rabbits

Easter is almost here and the children are so excited.  Today after school we will make these cupcakes and dye our Easter eggs. Not sure what to think of this Easter bunny cupcake because he looks like a mouse more than a rabbit.  Easter mice are a new trend right?  The bunny is completely overrated!  As much as I tried I just couldn't get those marshmallows to elongate.  Oh well!  They were still pretty tasty.  I used this recipe for the cupcake and boy are they tasty! The ears are made of marshmallow cut in half and dipped in pink sugar and the nose is a mini marshmallow rolled into a ball and dipped into the same sugar.  The eyes are those candy eyes that you can get at any craft store or baking supply company.    Do you have any special plans for Easter?  I am going back and forth whether or not I should do  a big dinner or not as we have so much going on the next couple of months.  I guess I need to figure that out pretty quickly.  On Saturday, we are going to go to a local park for an Easter Egg Hunt and then afterwards participate in the city wide day of service where we will help spruce up our local parks.  Happy Easter!

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Day at Universal

A few months ago, my husband was trying to find a way to modivate our son Roman to read books. While he is a very good reader, he just didn't love reading. Once in a while he would bring a book home from school and read it, but anytime we would ask him to read he would pretty much drag his feet.  Anyway, he challanged Roman to read the whole Harry Potter series.  He then promised him that if he read the books we would take him to Universal Studios.  Maybe it is wrong to pretty much bribe him, but it worked.  He picked up the first book and read it over the course of three days.  Then he found out his best friend was doing the same thing and he was thrilled.  While he didn't quiet finish all the books.  He is pretty close and we know he will do it now that his BFF is reading the same books too!  He was so excited that he even dressed up like Harry Potter with spray painted black hair and all.  We spent the good half of the morning in the Harry Potter section drinking butter beer, picking out a wand, and riding the rides.  Then on to the rest of the park. Since the little girls are just too little to ride most of the rides they stayed at the hotel and had a spa day with the Nana.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Disney 17

Hi!  We are in Orlando this week!  Kind of glad we made the decision to head south this spring break as it has been raining all week up in Atlanta and then with the collapse of one of our major highways, it would have been impossible to get around the city to do anything.  On our way down we stopped at the Whistle Stop Cafe which was featured in the movie in Fried Green Tomatoes, and then we overnighted in Jacksonville before heading the rest of the way to Orlando.  It wasn't 5 seconds after we got to our resort that we were all in the pool.  We have been blessed with wonderful weather all week except for about 20 minutes of rain, but who can complain about that.  I haven't finished editing all of the photos from our vacation, but here are some from Disney.  The kids had a blast though I think it is way over priced and one spends more time standing in lines for rides than actually riding the rides.  I think next time we go we will try to go when it is off season.  Turns out it is also Englan and Scotlands spring break, so all of the parks and even our condo is jammed packed which I knew it would be as spring break seems to be the busiest time of the year here in Orlando.