Run Like The Wind

One of the hardest parts of being here in Europe is being away from my two other children.  Harris leaves for college in just a few days and his dad will check him into the dorms next Monday and Winston choose to stay home because he was worried about credits transfering.  My heart was aching yesterday as I knew I wasn't going to be there to cheer Winston on in his first ever cross country race.  He has played soccer for the last 6 years and this fall he decided to go out for cross country running which was kind of a natural extension of soccer since he was running so much to increase his speed on the field.  While he didn't when any metals yesterday, he did place place 71st out of 240 something kids.  I say that is pretty good for his first race.  I love this boy and miss him so much he is such a good kid.  I can't believe I get to be his mom!   Run like the wind Winston.


DUTA said…
Nice kid, good achievement! A mother's heart is always where her kids are.
I've quite enjoyed the video song.
You're connected even when you are apart. Congrats on his doing so well on his first race.
You are brave to be so far away! He looks happy and a talented athlete.
NatureFootstep said…
this is fun for young people :)
Nancy Chan said…
Your boy is very active! At least the smartphone and internet has made things easier for you to communicate and video chat with your boys.
Great achievement!Excellent post!

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