An Afternoon at Carkeek Park

Seattle seems almost like a distant dream, but boy was it a very good dream. While I love living in Georgia, I sure do miss this little girl and her fantastic mama who has been my dear friend for over 21 years now. We got to know each other through our church congregation which at the time was comprised of all single adults. I had just graduated from Portland State University and my friend had moved back home after living many years in San Francisco and Utah. Our friendship grew even closer when she moved into my apartment complex and served my family while I was pregnant and after my son was born. If it wasn't for her, most days I wouldn't have gotten a shower because my son cried non-stop 24/7 which made it difficult taking a shower.  My husband was at school all day finishing his Ph.d. and she would bring me yummy treats to help me from loosing my mind. Our oldest is named after her father who is also very dear to us and was a great mentor to me and my husband.  One day while I was in Seattle we just decided to hang out at the park and play at Carkeet Park.  Miss is the same age as my son Roman and it sure has been fun watching her grow into a sweet, sensitive, and creative young girl. Can't wait to see where her journey takes her.


It's hard saying goodbye to a close friend - the young girl is fresh and beautiful.
Hard to lose friends! This lovely girl looks intelligent and confident. Love her smile:) Thanks for sharing your friend and daughter with All Seasons! Happy wee,k Kelleyn!
bettyl-NZ said…
One of the great things about living now is that we can keep in touch so much better than we used to. But that doesn't make it painless to part.
the adventurer said…
Beautiful post! =o)
Sharon said…
She is such a charming little Miss!

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