When one thinks of glass sculptures the name Chihuly comes to mind and Seattle can claim him as their own.  Located in the downtown Seattle Center, the Garden and Glass Museum houses some of Chihuly's finest works. Though I have been to Seattle many times, I had never been to his museum and I was determined this visit to make it happen. Dale Chihuly born in 1941 studied Interior Design at the University of Washington and later continued his studies at the at the University of Wisconson to study glass at the very first glass program in the country. He later became a teacher at the Rhodes Island School of Design and went on to study in Venice when he recieved the Fulbright Award, Inspired from his travels around the world, Dale Chihuly's work is nothing short of genius, and today you can find his collections around the world.  One such collection being in my backyard of Atlanta at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and you can find one of his amazing chandeliers at Georgia Institute of Technology in their business school. While the museum is not cheap it is definately worth the visit.


Edit said…
Amazing! :-)
Jim said…
These are fantastic.
Chihuly is also one of my favourites and thankfully I he adorns our botanical garden too
His work always seem magical to me.
Wonderful photos! I am a big Chihuly fan. I saw a fabulous exhibition of his work here in Israel a few years ago.
Alicia said…
I'd never heard of this artist, he does amazing work. The outdoors ones especially fascinate me. I wonder how the gardeners manage to work around them without a rock or stone from their equipment. Perhaps they do everything by hand with no electric or gas mowers and edgers.
Anonymous said…
Have seen work from him before, but not these ginormous ones!! Wow, just the skill to do glass art this big, is WOW - am super impressed! Many thanks Kelleyn for linking up for All Seasons with Chihuly's art - it's a real treat! Yay, you were the first one this week! That you may get done a lot this week for your move:):)
I loved this exhibit! Chihuly is a favorite of mine. Nice photos!
bettyl-NZ said…
Absolutely fascinating! What gorgeous colors and fancy shapes!
koi singh said…
it was so magical and fantastic . thanks for sharing a great post



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