As the year is coming fast to an end, I am starting to think about next year and how that is going to look for me and my family.  Next year, I will have a son who will be in his final year of high school and another about to enter high school.  We will have one additional driver.  Addy will go to Kindergarten and we will be spending the summer in Germany. I am hoping the upcoming year will bring some answers in regards to my health, and I am hoping to find myself more in the gym and outside shooting (photography) families.

Here are some things that I am currently reflecting upon:  Did you know that China has done away with the Open Child policy.  How will this affect china?  Will couples go rush to have more children or will nothing really change. My suspicion is not much will really change as the change comes just a little too late.  Why?  Children produced from the one child law are now responsible for taking care of their elderly parents and therefore even if they wanted to have more children couples can't afford too.  Less marriageable couples due to the surplus in males and lack of woman.  Last but not least, while china has said yes the years of being told no is ingrained in the people.  Couples will not want the extra demand on their time and careers. As it stands, many of China's children are being raised by their grandparents.

I am also thinking about this article I read.  I can't imagine the pain these woman suffered in the practice of foot binding.  I wonder if Avery's grandmother had her feet bound.

I am loving this music video at the moment.

I am looking forward to watching this movie!  I adore Irish accents.

Last but not least, I can't ignore the migrant crisis.  Do we take our freedoms for granted? Check this article out.

What has you reflecting at the moment?  Those of you who are joining me this week for Corner View just leave your link in the comment section.  Next weeks theme is joy!  Anyone have a idea for the following week?  Can't wait to see what is going on in your corner of the world. The week after next theme will be leaves which comes from Heather.


Swan Li said…
I don't know how next year is going to look, but I hope it will be nice for you (especially for your health) and your family... and for the entire world ;)
Heather said…
Another lovely post! (But stop shooting families - haha!) I remember as a child learning about the dainty little feet of Chinese women, but isn't the reality far from dainty?? I've read about the lifelong pain and infection - and the smell of the diseased skin.

No post from me today. I've been up late every night working on a research paper :-(
Heather said…
Theme idea - leaves??
Jutta.K said…
Since there is a very romantic and dreamy mood in this photo
Thank AUH for visiting with me.
Warm greetings from Germany
Anonymous said…
Great pics! Thanks for looking me up:)
Yes, I was reading about China's child policy - which I greatly applaud - All your reasons for maybe not such a huge change at firs, are valid. When we were there for a vacation (2007), we got to talk to a 20- something - very educated and spoke almost flawless English - and she related to me how much she longed for siblings ... she called her cousins brothers and sisters!
Rebecca said…
Those Chinese men should visit America to find a Chinese wife. So many, (thankfully), were adopted here. I have quite a few friends who adopted Chinese girls...and not because they couldn't have children of their own. Most are blended natural and adopted kids.
Hannele Ruponen said…
Deep thoughts with warm scene! Thank you visiting Toivon Vintiltä.
Shauna said…
Hi Kelleyn,
It's been a long time. Sorry for the absence. Interesting about China. I need to catch up on your life, I'm not sure what health problems you're having, I'm sorry regardless. I am super excited for you and Germany! Should be wonderful. Look forward to more. Thanks for always supporting me with your sweet comments. At least you have stuck with me! Hahaha! Love,

Shauna xo
Molly said…
I think China bringing that policy to an end is a good thing but I think it will take many generation for real change to come about as the mindset is very ingrained within their culture

Beth said…
Great post --you gave us a lot to think about.
Sorry I'm late getting my post in.
Beth said…
My post is not coming up. Try
Francesca said…
About China, I forget the details, but there's an exhibition (I believe, or some other type of artistic show) on China's most lonely generation - the solitary kids born during the one child policy. Interesting to see the result of the policy from the point of view of the one child.
Anonymous said…
Ah I've heard these guys before - so symbolic to call it fight song - in this we serve a different God - it is a fight of grace:)
there is a lot to be wondering about in the whole wide world, and right up our door step. i guess some of it can be placed under evolution, which seems to run away with our ability to fathom, yet on the other hand, evolution is unstoppable. humanity though, is what we want in all this. to reflect upon it, and help where possible, is what makes us human.
i wish you excellent health, and a wonderful stay in germany already! n♥

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