Monday, November 16, 2015

CCAI Reunion

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend a reunion for our adoption agency CCAI at the zoo where families from Atlanta and surrounding areas had the opportunity to meet the founders of the agency Josh and Lily and to meet other families who have also adopted.  Despite the weather being gloomy, the rain held off and we had a lovely morning at the zoo.  It was fun to meet new families and see our old friends too.  Thanks CCAI for being such a wonderful adoption agency.  Today, they have brought over 11,000 children to the United States.  We are so grateful for their vision.  


tinajo said...

That is great; a fun way to connect with people with similar experiences! :-)


NC Sue said...

Such a cute series of photos - love the elephant statue, and so do the children!
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Francesca said...

they certainly work for something important!

Birgitta said...

So lovely and cute photos!