Cookies and Milk "Corner View"

The children are counting the days down till Christmas and list are made all ready to go! Thanksgiving  is on Thursday and we have a full house.  We have so much to be thankful for! Thanks for stopping by this week.  Please leave your link in the comments and we will stop by!  Next weeks them is cold. If you have an idea for a theme I am happy to take it!

p.s. The older children wouldn't be caught dead posing for pictures in jammies so no older kids this time.  


Marchet Butler said…
Oh my goodness. So creative and cute! May have to steal for my own kid. LOVE IT!
Lovely! The children are happy and so cute! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. Have a great week!
Francesca said…
I want gnome pajamas!! Do they come in adult sizes? Can I ask you were you got them from?
you take the cake for the best Christmas photos. Of course your subjects are gorgeous but your creativity is amazing. Love the gnome jimjams too
Heather said…
I love all the jammies, the holiday decor, and happy faces!

Have a great Thanksgiving!
barbara said…
they are so happy!! Where did you get the pajamas?!! I would love to get a couple for my girls! unfortunately i cannot find them here in Italy!!
carolina rico said…
OMG beauuutiful pictures1111 adorable!!!! loved all of them!!! and then of course those smiles!!!!
Susi-Art said…
cookies and milk, always nice and to see the kids enjoying it!!
next time i will try to join again!!
sorry...was a bit quiet on my side!
Shauna said…
Very darling pictures. I love the one where she has both hands behind head laying back. Very sweet. Is that your room? It's very nice and simple. Happy Holidays. Here we go huh? :):)

Shauna xoxoxoxox
happy faces indeed!! good images too. i hope you've had / are having the best thanksgiving. n♥
Holly said…
These pics look like there out of a catalog for Christmas decor & more. My older kids are the same when it comes to photos.

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