Memories of Thanksgiving

The last couple of days have been filled with lots of coughing, nose wiping, and snuggles as Roman and Avery have been wracked with a cold and fevers.  Last night I seriously thought of running away and staying at a hotel as they were both in bed with me and both were snoring like lumber jacks.  We did find some time to go to a couple movies this Thanksgiving break.  My mom came over and took the little kids to Chuck E Cheese, so that Frank, Harris, Winston, and I could go see the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 movie.  I need to re-read the last book because it has been so long since I read the book, but I felt like they added stuff that wasn't there. The movie was still good.  I took the little girls to see the movie The Good Dinosaur.  The theme was good which was that everyone has fear and we need to conquer our fears, but it was geared more for an audience of 7 and above.  The movie also touches on grief and abandonment.  The week before we saw the Peanuts movie!  It was fantastic!  Classic Charlie Brown and good for all ages! As I said Thanksgiving was fantastic!  We had lovely weather, the food turned out fantastic, and the company was even better.  Here was our menu for Thanksgiving: stuffed mushrooms, tomato and prosciutto tart, rolls, sushi and shrimp platter, turkey, quinoa and apple salad, gravy, cranberry sauce, cranberry salad, and a mixed green salad. We had apple crumble and tirimisu for dessert.  We talked for hours by the outdoor fireplace.
post edit- I forgot to write that Winston spent the morning playing football in our church congregation annual Turkey Bowl and glad no one was hurt this year.  The previous year there were several bones.  Thankfully, not my sons as he played the previous year too.


Shauna said…
It's so great that you invite so many friends and have them come. Your dinner looked great and I love the looks and sound of the salad you posted. I'm going to try and make it today for lunch. I will have to give you the recipe for that other salad I mentioned.

We saw the Peanuts movie at the Drive In and Charlie Brown movies are my absolute favorite. Seriously Charles Schulz was a great man. Hope your kiddos get better soon,

Shauna xoxo
Holly said…
Thanksgiving looks so scrumptious! Blessings of bliss for this next month and holiday season. Beautiful pic of you and the husband..and turkey :)
NC Sue said…
Great shots. I love the brilliant smile of the baby in the first photo!
Thanks for linking up at
Francesca said…
That is a massive turkey! Hope your little ones are better, and you can enjoy the Advent.
Tamar SB said…
Now that is a turkey!! Sounds like a great holiday. Hope everyone is on the mend germ wise!
Anonymous said…
Looks like all of you had a great thanksgiving!
Jarek said…
Really interesting blog!
Jutta.K said…
What a lovely family, it was really a fine day, wasn't it !
thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.
Have a nice time
Greetings from Germany
Ruth Rieckehoff said…
Great you guys enjoyed Thanksgiving and the break. The photos of your family are lovely. You are probably looking forward to the end of year break (I know I am).
such wonderful, spiritful images, kelleyn! n♥

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