Last Day in Hong Kong (picture overload)

Jet lag is kicking my butt.  It is brutal.  I can't sleep when I need to sleep and in the morning I wake up with a raging headache.  I would have gone back to bed today if it wasn't for the fact that this was my last day in Hong Kong.  I made a good decision in that I choose to hire a taxi once I got to the City Center to take me to repulse day.  I could have taken a bus, but I wasn't sure where it would take me exactly and the time factor really was the deciding factor in the choice of taking the taxi.  I saved so much time and really only paid a few more dollars in the end to do so.  The weather was gorgeous.  On my way I had picked up a salad at Starbucks since the other cafe I had planned on going to was under renovations.  The sun was glorious.  Who doesn't love the beach!  Had I not taken my lunch, I could have eaten at one of the many fantastic looking cafes along the boardwalk.  To the east end of the bay are shrines to many Gods.  The most impressive one being that of the Goddess of Love!  She was impressive.  I then took a taxi back into the city and went to the Man Mo temple.  Also another good decision as I don't think I would have found it on my own.  A very small temple but interesting to see it was worth the visit.  From there I went back to Time Square which is nothing like Time Square in New York, but a pretty amazing shopping plaza 11- 12 stories tall filled with many high end shops.  I wanted to get my friend Lucy some Percy pigs from Mark and Spencer and buy myself some new earrings as I lost one of my earrings the day before.  No luck for me, but Lucy will be getting her piggies.  Shopping makes you hungry, so I went upstairs and had me a giant bowl of spaghetti carbonara at a place called the Fat Pig.  It was lovely and did my tummy good.  I wondered around the city for another couple hours making my way down to the pier where I then hopped on a Ferry Tour of the Night City lights.  So worth the wait!  It is now Sunday morning as I said I can't sleep, but after finishing this post I will catch a few hours of sleep head over to the airport to catch my flight to China.  So so close!

One could really need a week to see all that Hong Kong offers, but I wasn't hear to sight see but get myself acclimated so I will be ready to bring a new little person into our family.  One of the things I would have like to see was a Monkey park located on Kowloon Island, but it was too far away and I would have liked to walk along the walk way of starts, but it was closed to renovations.  A high tea would have been wonderful too.  Hong Kong really is a brilliant city even if it is kind of hard to navigate.  See you on the Mainland.  Ivy here I come!


What amazing pictures. That looks so fun!
Francesca said…
safe travels on your next leg! keeping you in my thoughts!

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