Day 3 Hong Kong City Tour

I didn't sleep very well last night as I think I slept too much on the plane and let's be honest a 12 hour
time difference doesn't do anyone any favors.  I woke up bright and early and quickly got dressed to catch a cab into the city.  The good thing about staying at the Sky Hotel Marriott is that when you get off the plane you are at your hotel within minutes, the bad part is that is is not so close to the city and therefore you need to take a cab or the Airport Express into the city.  Since I didn't exactly know where the hotel was where I would be catching my tour I thought it was best to not take a chance of not finding it and opted for the taxi which cost me 230 HK dollars (30 usd).  I made the right decision.  It was cold this morning and slightly raining.  I choose a Viator Hong Kong City tour 1/2 day. I didn't want to book a whole day tour because I knew jet lag would set in the afternoon (I was right) and I didn't want to be committed to being gone the whole day. Overall the tour covered lots of ground.  We visited Aberdeen and went on a Sampan to see the boat people.  Also the famous floating restaurant Jumbo.  The ride was 25 minutes long and was  a fun experience.  Not mentioned was the extra 60 HK dollars to ride on the boat.  This should be included in the ticket price upfront.  Had I not had the money to ride I would have had to spend 25 minutes on the tour bus as there really isn't anything else to see at that location. Then it was off to the Stanley Market.  A great place to shop for those that were interested in shopping.  On the way their we passed Repulse Bay which would have been nice to have stopped at, but this was not apart of the tour.  The drive was beautiful with gorgeous homes and apartments along the way. Following Stanley Market they took us to a jewelry market where they sold everything from Jade to Pearls.  They did have some really nice Zodiac pendants, but not really my cup of tea.  I didn't like how the sales assistant followed me around the whole shop.  Then it was up to Victoria Peak.  Here we had a view of Hong Kong Island which was very nice.  We then took the tram down to the bottom.  I think I would have liked to have taken the tram up to the peak as going down we faced the opposite direction then we were going.  Personally, I didn't like not seeing where we were going.  Then the tour was basically over as the next stop was to bring us back to the pick up hotels. Overall the tour was lacking and I am not sure it was worth the money.  Would have been nice to have ridden on the escalators, see the Hollywood promenade, and or go to a temple. The guide repeated the same 5 facts.  She did not seem very knowledgeable in her Hong Kong history.  The only positive side was that I got an overview of the city and I met some really  nice people like Shelia and Anne from Glasgow who bought me an ice cream or Jody and Paul who were on a weekend getaway from Newcastle, NSW Australia.  Following the tour I walked around the city, got something to eat and went to Time Square which is a large shopping area.  I headed back to the hotel after that as I was dead tired.



Tamar SB said…
What an amazing place to see and explore!
Jim said…
Beautiful shots

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